July 11, 2019


Why offer your customers Impede® IntraSeal?

It’s good for business! By simply asking customers if they would like to include Impede® IntraSeal in their concrete you could: 

  • Improve customer satisfaction 
  • Reduce call backs 
  • Provide a superior product
  • Save customers money in the future
  • Gain referral business
  • Build a reputation for quality

ALL without adding time or labor to your jobs. Simply request Impede® IntraSeal when you place your ready-mix order from an Impede® IntraSeal authorized ready-mix producer found here. 

Impede® IntraSeal has been used in thousands of projects, check out some of them here. Or watch the time-lapse testing video of Impede® IntraSeal to see how it compares in testing.

Why not just seal concrete the old fashioned way?

The main cause of exterior concrete deterioration comes from damage caused by freeze thaw stresses, and chemical attack from deicing treatments. Air entrained concrete is critical to exterior concrete durability because of the stresses that occur when water freezes inside the concrete. But what if water could never penetrate the concrete in the first place? We’re talking about sealed concrete, of course.

In the past, contractors or homeowners would need to wait until after concrete is placed. Then return to seal the surface of the concrete, incurring the cost of the concrete sealer, the time to clean and prepare the concrete, and the time to apply the sealer. After all of that, the only part of the concrete that was protected was the surface. This is okay to protect the concrete from deicing chemicals, but what about water intrusion? Concrete is a hard sponge, it readily absorbs water from wherever it can get it, that means from the top, bottom, and sides of the structure.

You can now order protection throughout the entire body of the concrete by adding Impede® IntraSeal, a water repellent admixture, right from the Ready-Mix plant. For the same cost of treating the surface of the concrete, you can now offer customers 360 degrees of protection. Find a local ready-mix producer who offers Impede IntraSeal by clicking here. If your local producer doesn’t offer Impede® IntraSeal, send them here to fill out this form to become an authorized distributor.