July 11, 2019


Is Your Concrete Waterproof?*

Watch the video to learn why Impede® IntraSeal is included in concrete during the mixing process, instead of applied later to the surface.

     All concrete requires routine maintenance to continue performing its best and to achieve an extended service life. When included in concrete, Impede® IntraSeal drastically reduces the cost and headache of sealing your concrete in the future. Check out this video to see how concrete performs when it is sealed with Impede® IntraSeal. This reduction in maintenance helps ensure your concrete investment for a lifetime. 

      By reducing the potential effects of freeze-thaw damage, and harsh de-icing chemicals, Impede® IntraSeal is able to extend the usable life of concrete roads, driveways, patios… you name it! To find the closest ready-mix concrete producer that offers Impede® IntraSeal, follow this link to our store locator

     If you’re still unsure, read our customer testimonials here to see what people just like you are saying about Impede® IntraSeal. Know your project dimensions? Use our savings calculator here to compare the costs of sealing with Impede® IntraSeal versus traditional topical sealants.

*Waterproof and waterproofing are used herein and within the industry to describe the process of creating a barrier to water penetration within or applied to concrete. Cement hydration is necessary for concrete to properly cure and gain strength. The use of these general terms is not intended to reflect a product or service that is completely void of water, as water is a fundamental component of concrete.